Sunday, December 18, 2011

Review: Blood Oath (A Mystic Wolves Novella #3) by Belinda Boring

Format: Kindle Edition
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Publisher: Moonstruck Media (November 18, 2011)

Blurb: Someone is trying to send a deadly message to Mason, arranging the deaths of those he loves and it puts the entire pack and Alpha on high alert. Plans are made but when the enemy strikes another painful blow by entering into the heart of pack property and kidnapping Darcy, Mason declares war. There’s nothing he won’t do to keep his future mate and pack safe.

Darcy understands the primal instincts driving her beloved Mason’s commands. With the help of those he sets as protectors, she learns about herself and the things she’ll need to help support her Alpha and pack. When events turn dire however, one truth offers her strength – once given, a blood oath is unbreakable … even if it means risking it all.

review: This is the third novella in this paranormal series and the momentum has not slowed down. Belinda Boring steadily keeps my interest by crafting intriguing characters, placing them in exciting conflicts, while never forgetting to add touching romance and plenty of heart.

Mason and Darcy grow closer and she marvels at the strength he exudes as leader of the pack forced to deal with the murders of people close to him. I relish the way Darcy thinks-- about others, about herself, and especially about Mason. Her scenes with Mason are always electrical, emotional and always manage to touch my heart in some way. This is a couple which can ignite a room with simply a look at the other or a gentle touch. Darcy continues to grow and mature, both as a woman and as a wolf, while understanding her role and the role of her future mate.

I was glad to see Devlin, the cool and confidant vampire enforcer return, and as an added bonus I enjoyed his action scenes. Conflict strikes Mason with a capital "C" when Darcy is kidnapped right after a lovely send-off for his sister. The author's description of this scene in particular was gorgeous as witch Vivien oversees Jasminebeing laid to rest in a traditional ritual. We are also privy to some backstory into the friendship between Darcy and Jasmine which deepened their relationship for me. A poignant scene between them as Darcy bids a private goodbye was incredibly moving.

There was certainly more going on in this installment to keep my eyes dashing from page to page. More vampires are introduced and another storyline added complexity to the lives of the Mystic Wolves Alpha and soon to be mate, Darcy.

With the cliffhanger ending I find myself feeling rather like a rabid dog anxiously awaiting the next book. If you haven't picked up the Mystic Wolves series yet, now would be a great time. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and be enamored of these unforgettable people.

Rating: Loved it.

Favorite excerpt: "Suddenly, I was being transferred into a different set of arms--Daniel's. I turned to look toward Mason. He was shaking with power, running his fingers through his hair, his eyes practically blazing with the sign of his wolf. He was fighting instincts, the need to kill and maim, and I reached out to him through our connection.

I'm okay. I'm safe. I tried to infuse my words with all the love I had. I hated seeing him so riled up, his control hanging in the balance, but either my message never reached him or he was too far gone. I gestured to Daniel to lower me to the ground, thanking him and Devlin for being here before returning to sit on the edge of my bed to wait.

Mason finally calmed, his fists unclenching, but he still carried a hardened expression on his face--the Alpha ever present, the man who was my lover and mate off to the side."

Cover comment: The silhouette of the moon and wolf are symbolic icons for this series now. I like how the featured characters get their own covers.

Book source: From author for my totally honest review.


  1. This books sounds good. I like PNR that have more than just the paranormal going for them. I enjoyed the excerpt too. I haven't read the series yet so I need to get busy there.

    Thanks for the review!

  2. Thank you so much for the amazing review! *hugs*