Friday, December 2, 2011

Cantrip Blog Tour

Rebecca McKinnon recently released Cantrip, the second book in The Refuge Trilogy, a YA romantic sci-fi fantasy (the first book, Annexed, was published earlier this year). She is back with us today to talk about how she balances writing and life. We welcome Rebecca McKinnon. 

Blurb: She spent the summer in The Refuge.
Now, she’s come home.
Within days she realizes:

She wants back in.

Only two things stand in her way. The sister Narissa has protected for years can’t decide if she wants to go with her. And, of course, Narissa has no idea how to return to the splinter reality.

Complicating matters, Narissa discovers she can no longer avoid the problems her unexpected trip allowed her to escape.

Through it all, there’s one thing that keeps her going. She’s not the only person to have left The Refuge. 

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Guest Post by Rebecca McKinnon:

Life can be hectic. Okay, forget that. Life is so crazy it’s hard to face getting out of bed some mornings.

One of the questions I’m asked most often is: “How do you balance everything?”

My answer? “Not very well.” Yep, that’s me. Miss Smart-Aleck.

After all, I’m trying to juggle an awful lot. And, quite frankly, I don’t juggle. I have, however, learned to set priorities.

Everything I do could be broken into dozens of parts. I’ve learned that sometimes I have to ignore the parts and focus on the whole, and sometimes I need to celebrate every part. Those are the times when I feel I’m not accomplishing anything. In fact, I’m guilty of making “To Do” lists that include lots of these little things that I’ve already done, just for the feeling of accomplishment I get from marking them off.

I’ve also learned that everything goes much more smoothly when I’m able to focus completely on what I’m doing at the moment. (That doesn’t include doing laundry, sweeping, or any other mundane chore.)

Have you ever heard the saying: If you want something done, give it to a busy person? I stay busy most of the time, which is the only way I manage to balance everything.

(But that doesn’t mean you should give me any assignments. I’m busy enough already!)

If you haven’t read the first book in The Refuge Trilogy, this is a great time. Until the end of December, the ebook is free. Enjoy!

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About the author: Rebecca McKinnon has spent her life in a world filled with books, which she devours at an alarming rate. Her best friends include Bekka Cooper, Lady Katsa, Will Stanton and Ron Weasley. The biggest compliment she can give a book is that it was impossible to put down. She currently lives near Salt Lake City with her husband, three kids and a cat.

To learn more about Rebecca, please visit her website.
Author links: WebsiteFacebook / Goodreads / Twitter / The Crooked Word

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We thank Rebecca McKinnon.

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