Monday, November 7, 2011

Goddess Fish Promotions: Before The Fall Blog Tour

Blurb: Zach was once the Order of Ancients' most feared warrior, beating back the hounds of hell to protect the unsuspecting human race. But since he left the Order ten years ago, he'd been living as a mortal...until now. The gates of the underworld are breaking open, and Zach is needed once again in the fight. But before he can answer his summons, there's one person he refuses to leave behind. Shanna may think Zach has screw loose, spouting all this "hounds of hell" nonsense, but he has to get her to safety. The journey to the Order's headquarters is a dangerous one, and even a warrior like Zach might not be strong enough to keep the darkness at bay.

About the authors: Sable Grace is the writing team of Heather Waters & Laura Barone, long time critique partners and friends who came together by fluke to discover their voices fit together quite nicely during an experiment of "I'll write the first sentence, you write the next." It was meant to be nothing more than a warm up exercise for each of them to get started on their own projects, but soon, the story became far more interesting than what they were supposed to be working on and Sable Grace was born.

Both Heather and Laura reside in Florida, are happily married, and are, well, complete opposites. (Think the Odd Couple on crack here.) Still, there's enough common ground for them to weave their words together in the voice of Sable Grace.

Heather also writes medieval romances under her real name, which you can find at, and Laura is a Golden Heart finalist for her highly sensual manuscript, Mr. Right Now.

You can reach them both at sablegrace(AT)
Official Website
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An Interview with Sable Grace

How does your stories spark to life?
The usual method is this: Heather sees something/reads something/watches something/dreams something that sparks an idea and then places a frantic phone call to Laura which leads to hours of figuring out which bit of the sparks are useable and which just won’t work. By the end of the call, we’ve either got the bones for a story or a sore throat.

Do you ever disagree?
Heather: We have minor disagreements, but never really over anything major. Examples include names of characters or choices in vehicles. In Before the Fall, the only real disagreement came with Shanna leaving to fight evil without a bra. Laura was right in the fact that she wouldn’t have stopped to put one on in the situation we’d placed her in, but I, being of burdensome bosom, couldn’t fathom running around and killing things with my tatas flopping around. So we compromised and made it work for both of us.

Since there are two of us, we don’t have a typical day like most writers do. We’re not able to work together all the time so we had to find something that worked for us and this is it.

8-9:00– Get up, find the drink of choice (coffee for Laura and Diet Dr. Pepper for Heather), tend to pets—or toddlers—and boot up computers. Check email, social networking sites, and the schedule to determine what has to be done for the day.

9-1:00 – Heather: takes first round at pages. Emails chapters to Laura. Waits for kid #1 to get home from school.
Laura: Feed, change and tend to toddlers. Sprout a few more gray hairs. Get pelted with sippy cups and ping pong balls. Get them down for naps.

1-4:00 –
Laura: Read over chapters, accept edits, make notes and enjoy a little quiet time with the tot (or two) that don’t nap. Work on individual project.
Heather: Play WoW, read, and work on individual project. Or stare at blinking cursor and roll my head over the keyboard. It’s pretty much 50/50 which way it will go.

4-7—Family time for both Heather and Laura.

Heather: Around 6:00, I get out my MP3 player, turn it on loud, and dance my way through cooking dinner with a glass of wine. It’s the best part of my day. Chopping veggies, sipping, smiling. Sun is going down and husband is coming home. Life is perfect.

7-10 --Laura: Make dinner, watch shows that have been Tivo’ed since last season, personal time to do whatever I like.

Heather: Watch a movie or T.V. show with the hubster, and if the kids like us that day, they join us. Or, if he wants some play time on the Playstation, I get to read or play on Facebook or whatever I feel like doing.

10-?—Heather: On good nights, I go to bed with hubster. On creative nights, I wait until the house turns completely silent and then settle in till wee hours of the morning to work on my own projects.
Laura: Make edits on pages Heather sent earlier and write fresh pages to finish goal for the day. Usually bedtime is around 1:00a.m.

Now, on those occasions where we get to work together, things change drastically.

8-9—This is about the only part that stays the same.

9-6—Work nonstop on chapters. Heather still begins, then passes the chapter to Laura as she finishes each one. Laura stays one or two chapters behind until the end of the workday where she finishes up while Heather determines if we’ve reached our goal and if we get the rest of the night off.

6-8—Have dinner, some wine, and a little relaxation time.

8- Depends on how much wine we drank O’clock – if we haven’t finished our page goals, we continue working. If pages are done and goal has been reached, we have some bonding time over wine and music or a TV show. Lots of chatting and social time until bed starts calling us somewhere between 1-3 am. Then we get up early and start the day all over again to make the most of the time we’re working together. 

Reader Girls thanks Heather, Laura and Goddess Fish Promotions. I am reading Before the Fall now and will post my review within the next few days.


  1. My family all came running when I burst out into hysterical laughter over the remark about fighting evil with your tatas flopping around. You got me, I am yours for life.


  2. I'm laughing at that comment too. Right now, I'm rewatching Alias, my all-time favorite TV program and I watch it at least once a year. In S3,E6, Sydney is running in the park, she has on a sleeveless, scoop-neck T-shirt sans bra and her girls are really, really bouncy. Then, as she stops at a water fountain, her nipples are showing. Then Sloan appears and begins a conversation...all the while, her nipples still show. How embarrassing is that?

  3. Thanks for hosting Heather and Laura today! We appreciate you. :-)

  4. Oh lord, I burst out laughing reading about fighting evil with the tatas flopping around. I also liked the line about comparing yourselves to the Odd Couple, only on crack!

    skpetal AT hotmail DOT com

  5. LOL marybelle! So glad someone can sympathize or at least see the humor in my sad brain!


  6. Jean, we are SOOO the Odd Couple on crack! If you could see my love of the spreadsheet and order, and Laura's horror at the same things I've just created to keep us in line, you'd never believe we could work together.

    Karen, I've never watched Alias, but I have to admit, if my tatas were as small and perky as Jennifer Garners, putting on a bra might not be my first priority! Show em off and make em shine!!!!

  7. Thank you so much to Readergirls for letting us visit here today! Wonderful site!

  8. Hi Heather and Laura. I think it’s wonderful that you are able to blend together so well. How did you arrive at the name of Sable Grace? I love reading paranormal romance and will have to check out your series.

  9. Kimmyl,
    Sable was the name of the first heroine I ever wrote, and when we decided to write together, I tossed that name out. Then we tried to come up with an opposite sort of word for the last name. Sable is a bit dark - sable gray etc, and grace sounded light. It's as simple and boring as that sadly! But we like it.


  10. Thank y'all for sharing! Kudos to the both of you on writing together-- I don't think I play well enough with others to do something like that!! ;-)


  11. Flopping tata's would certainly detract from a battlescene...or they could be a secret weapon! Just think, if the bad guys can't stop staring at the flapping tata's they would be much easier to kill. Give 'em a flash and they'd even die with a smile on their face :D

    This was a really fun interview!


  12. It's great to have a routine. It really helps to stay stable. Sounds like a great day!

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  13. Fun interview. Thanks for the laugh.

  14. Thank you for sharing This sounds like a great book would love to read it thanks for the great giveaway!