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GFP: Every Scandalous Secret Book Tour

Welcome to Reader Girls. Hello to everyone joining us today as we host the stop for the Every Scandalous Secret Book Tour. Thanks to Goddess Fish Promotions, we were able to inquire from historical romance author Gayle Callen about rogues, those bad boy types we shouldn't like but always do. Below is her answer. 

Book blurb: He may be the younger brother of a viscount, but Leo Wade is more at ease in London’s gaming halls and ladies’ boudoirs than at tonnish events. Although lately, he’s been consumed by a growing boredom he can’t shake…That is until Leo stumbles upon three society misses trying to steal a scandalous painting from his gentleman’s club and becomes obsessed with pursing a lady unlike any of his acquaintance.

An artist, bluestocking and veritable spinster by anyone’s definition, Susanna Leland never dreamed she and her cousins would find themselves in the eye of a potential scandal. So when she receives an invitation to a country house party she takes it hoping to escape London and divert the suspicious gaze of Mr. Leo Wade. Susanna never expects he’ll follow her!

As the unrepentant rogue and on-the-shelf artist clash, Leo may just have met the one woman immune to his charms, and Susanna may have found the one man she can’t scare off with her intellect. But when the pair are caught in a compromising position and forced to marry, they may just find that the price of trust is well worth every scandalous secret.

Guest Post: What makes a 'rogue' in romance literature a timeless character? 

The rogue—he’s the ultimate bad boy in historical romance. And don’t we all just love him? Though he’s sophisticated, charming, and sometimes polite, you know he doesn’t truly care what anyone thinks about him. He’s his own man, unpredictable, with his own beliefs, and he can’t be swayed to another’s opinion. We think of him as a rule-breaker and a rebel, but in romance anyway, he lives by his own rules. And of course, he’s the master of seduction. The fantasy is, when he turns those skills on a woman, she just can’t resist. 

That’s part of what makes reading about a rogue so enjoyable—he’s a fantasy. The bad boy who falls in love, who in the end, is changed by the woman he loves. She saves him from himself. How often does that happen in real life? We don’t want to think about it. So we’ll read about our rogues, so amusing, so seductive. In my newest book, Every Scandalous Secret, Leo Wade is the ultimate rogue. He first appeared in The Viscount in Her Bedroom, as the blind hero’s ne’er-do-well brother, who almost ruined the heroine. He did a bad thing, but…I liked him. He was funny and didn’t take himself seriously, and boy, was he smooth with women. I felt he deserved his own story, his own comeuppance, so I brought him back as one of the three men who bet each other that they can discover which woman modeled for a scandalous nude painting hanging in a gentlemen’s club. Leo is in it for fun and chooses spinster Susanna Leland to pursue. He throws a house party into turmoil; they get into a scandal all of their own; and along the way, Susanna realizes Leo has some hidden good qualities she never imagined. 

So tell me what you love about rogues in your favorite romances you read, and let’s talk all about it. 

About the author: A USA Today Bestselling author, Gayle Callen writes historical romances for Avon Books. Her latest novel, A Most Scandalous Engagement, was published in December 2010.

Named the "Notable New Author of 1999," Gayle has also won the Holt Medallion and the Laurel Wreath Award, and finaled in the National Readers Choice Awards. Her books have been translated into over nine different languages.

She resides in a suburb of Central New York, with her husband and three children. Besides writing, she loves to read, sing, travel, crochet, and delve too deeply into historical research. A past President of the Central New York Romance Writers, she is also a member of Romance Writers of America, the Authors Guild, and Novelists Inc.

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  1. A rogue always tends to break the rules that don't suit. They are not evil, but definitely mischievous.


  2. I enjoy rogues in romance because I enjoy watching them change and grow but keep that attitude that society doesn't dictate their life to them.
    mce1011 AT aol DOT com

  3. Rogues seem to be so free in times when there were so many restrictions and they just take their liberties wherever they can without being truly evil. And only the heroine can really "tame" them. That's what I love about them!

    claudigc at msn dot com

  4. Yes, we love our mischievous heroes. But Maureen, you're right that we like to watch them grow and change. Claudia, good point that we like to see our rogues in time periods where there were lots of rules to live by.

  5. Enjoy reading about the rogues, they don't conform to societies rules. It is always interesting to see how they usually end up reformed by the heroine.

    skpetal (at) hotmail (dot) com

  6. I love rogues because they do whatever they want, they are not afraid to break the rules of society. They are the dangerous party boys that every girl wants. Yet underneath, they have good hearts.When they fall, they tend to fall hard.

    I can't wait to read this book. I loved the first 2 of the series and can't wait to have the mystery of the scandalous picture solved (hopefully).
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  7. I think most women want to think they have the power to tame one of these rogues.


  8. I loved the premise! It would be really interesting to follow their journey after marriage. Hope to lay my hands on the book soon! and the cover page is sooo good!

  9. Good point. We need a good heroine to reform a rogue. But not just any heroine will do, of course. The fun part is figuring out the kind of woman that would work best.

    June--yep, I definitely solve the mystery of the portrait! You'll have to see if you guessed right!

    I often wish we could follow their journey after the book ends--that's why it's so much fun to bring back characters in a new book, like Leo's brother, Simon.

  10. i love about rogues their self-confidence. those man are just really attractive.

    witchvela at web dot de

  11. I have to agree with everyone above :) The Rogues are definitely more fun to read about.


  12. Rogues are fun, they push the envelope of propriety and spice up the life of the heroine.

    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  13. Thanks for sharing, I really like the sound of this book :)


  14. Rogues are just plain sexy. We all love a bad boy, not evil just a little bit outside the rules.

  15. Love the cover! I'm definitely adding this book and the rest of the trilogy to my list.....Viscount Leo sounds like a yummy character!


  16. I agree Gayle, rogues are wonderfully exciting heroes! I just love how wicked and flirty they can be, that they are the ones to challenge the innocent and inexperienced heroine and open her eyes to a world of sensuality and pleasures. The universal truth still holds even in historicals: bad boys are sexy. We cannot resist them :-D

    Thank you!

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com