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BSP: Betrayed Blog Tour + Giveaways

It's Wednesday and Reader Girls is so happy to be hosting the Betrayed Blog Tour. We welcome author Ednah Walters back with her second title of The Guardian Legacy. The author has provided us with an excerpt, news about her contest, and the addition of another contest for us to offer one ebook copy of Betrayed to one person who comments below.

Betrayed blurb: Lil has come to terms with her life as a Guardian/demon hunter and the wielder of the Nephilim most powerful weapon. She trains everyday to master her growing powers, gets along with her Guardian trainee friends (most of the time) and cherishes her moments with her human friends.

Just when she feels she belongs, her nature-bender father contacts her and warns her about a betrayal by someone close to her. Then Bran, the guy she loves, starts to act strange and one of her human friends acquires a supernatural ability. While Lil struggles find a connection between these three things, she begins to realize that someone is manipulating her and Bran, and will stop at nothing (including hurting those she loves) to lure them to the dark side.

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Excerpt from Betrayed - 06-Lil and Bran’s Fight

On Friday night, Bran was in his bedroom when I teleported to their place. He came and went into my bedroom all the time, but I never visited his, not even when he lived in Park City. Heart hammering hard in my chest, I knocked and peeked inside when he mumbled something. He was in bed, arms behind his head.

“Dinner is ready,” I told him. We’d been eating at our house most evenings.

“I’m not hungry,” he said in a flat voice.

“Can I come in then?” I gave him a toothy grin.

He didn’t return it. Instead, he studied me with an unreadable expression. “You already are.”

Not exactly the invitation I was hoping for. I glanced around with interest. The once plain white room now had fern-colored carpet, lime-green walls and a giant bed in the middle with a yellow and green striped duvet. Despite Bran’s clothes visible through the open closet door, three trench coats on racks and shoes and boots on the floor, the room felt like a hotel suite. There were no personal pictures on the wall or side table, books or hand-held games like in Sykes and Remy’s rooms. No computer or Mp3 player on the desk to his right. Bran’s essence was missing. On the other hand, they just moved in, so maybe he hadn’t finished unpacking.

“I’m over here,” he griped, drawing my attention back to him.

Hesitating by the door, I studied him. Was he worrying about his brother again?

Bran sighed and beckoned me with a finger. When I reached him and bent over, he leaned up on one elbow, gripped the back of my head, and nudged me closer enough for our lips to touch. Something primal flashed in his eyes, exciting yet worrisome at the same time. Just as suddenly, he let go of me, flopped back on the bed and flung an arm across his face.

“Are you okay?” I asked, concern coiling through me. Something wasn’t right. He looked like he’d hit rock-bottom.

“I’m done unpacking, and no, I don’t need pictures of those I love. They are in my head,” he mumbled as though talking to himself. “Games are a diversion I don’t need, so are music and computers. There. I hope that satisfies your curiosity.”

Heat crawled up my face. Crossing my arms, I rocked on my heels and wished I hadn’t come downstairs. I’d hoped to talk to him about everything that happened with Haziel the last four days, but that wasn’t going to happen in his present, crappy mood. I’d put off bringing up my energy ability, not wanting to burden him with my problems when he had so much to deal with.

“I wish you wouldn’t do that,” I griped.

“Do what? Get inside your head?” He removed his arm and cocked an eyebrow. “You do it to me all the time.”

“I stopped months ago, and I apologized whenever I did it,” I added softly.

“Yes, you did, didn’t you? But you and I are different, Sunshine. I do things my way, and you do yours your way. I’m damaged while you,” he swung his feet over the side of the bed and sat up, a derisive smile on his lips, “you’re perfect.”

Not when he said it like that. “What’s that supposed to mean? Why are you being such a jerk?” I asked sharply.

“Perhaps that’s who I am.” He stood.

I took a step back and bit my lower lip, trying not to let his attitude get to me. “What’s wrong, Bran?”

“Nothing. How about this?” he continued, his narrowed gaze locked on me. “I promise not to get inside your head if you promise not to get inside mine. In fact, let’s not link for a while, okay?” He gripped the back of his tee shirt as though to yank it off and paused to add, “Now I’m sorry for being rude, but you need to get out of here. I need to change.” He pulled his shirt off.

My breath caught. I stared. Swallowed. The scar of the Cardinal Guardian amulet didn’t mar the perfection of his masculine chest. Instead it drew attention to it and to his taut stomach muscles. He was really a beautiful guy. My face burned when our gazes met. Something feral flashed in his eyes, setting my blood on fire. I felt hot and cold at the same time.

I fidgeted, not wanting to leave like this. “If this is about the List—”

“Leave, Lil. Right now.”

My first reaction was to do as he ordered, teleport, put as much distance between us. Something dark and out of control brewed inside him, but for some reason, I didn’t want to leave. Maybe it was because I hated double standards. Maybe it was something else.

“You come to my room all the time,” I said, my voice uneven.

He took a step toward me, then another. I took two back.

“That’s different.” He continued to stalk me, and I kept retreating.

“How?” I asked, my voice sounding strange to my ears. I took one more step. My heel touched the wall.

Bran raised his arms, braced himself against wall, and boxed me in. The same wildness I saw earlier entered his eyes. “I’m in a very strange mood, Sunshine, and you do not want to be in here pushing my buttons.” He enunciated his words.

About the author: I grew up reading Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mysteries before I graduated to Mills & Boons (starting with Janet Daily's Shutter the Sky).

I enjoy good love stories, tingly mysteries and wondrous adventures. When I finished college and decided to be a stay-at-home mother, I devoured books like they were going out of production, until reading just wasn't enough. So I decided to teach myself to write fiction.

I've written picture books, contemporary and romantic suspense, biracial/multicultural books, and finally YA fantasy. Most of them are still taking up RAM on my computer. Awakened is the first book in The Guardian Legacy series. It was released in September 2011 with rave reviews. Betrayed (book 2 in the series) was released August 1st 2011. Hunted, book 3 in the series, is due out in March.

When I'm not knee deep in battles between Guardians and demons, I write adult contemporary romance (the Fitzgerald family series), sassy, stubborn and gutsy women anyone can identify with and men anyone would be proud to claim. When not writing, I do things with my family, five children or my darling husband of 19 years. I live in a picturesque valley in Utah, the setting for my YA series.

Awakened, now available on Amazon and B&N

Visit Ednah Walter's site to enter her contest Giveaway includes a T-shirt, bookmarks and Guardian Legacy greetings cards. Reader Girls is also giving one ebook copy of Betrayed to one commenter below. Please leave your email so we can contact you.

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