Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BLB Tour, part 2: Chasing Destiny: Blood Fest review

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Blurb: She didn’t know what she was—or that what she was could get her killed...

A struggling private detective in Los Angeles, Chase Alcott has no idea about her unique genetic makeup. So when she takes on a new client—an old man with ulterior motives—she’s unaware of the danger she’ll soon face. Traveling to England to solve a mysterious murder at the request of her new client, Chase encounters terrifying creatures she thought only existed in her nightmares—only to find out she’s one of them. Caught in a web of evil and deception after learning some terrifying truths about her long dead parents, Chase doesn’t know who to believe. Does she dare trust the enigmatic Roman, a man with dark secrets of his own?

He knew what she was—he just had no idea what to do about her…

English nobleman, Roman Fernwood, half-werewolf/half-vampire, doesn’t want a mate, especially not a half human/ half-weretiger with no knowledge of what she is. But there’s something about Chase, Roman can’t resist in spite of his determination not to fall in love. Is it her fascinating American spunk and courage, or her stunning cinnamon eyes? Or could it be the passion he senses just beneath her calm, unruffled demeanor? Whatever it is, Roman must keep her safe from those who want to kill her while finding a way to show her what she is without driving her into the arms of the other were who also want her for a mate.

Fate should have considered the consequences before messing with Mother Nature.

My review: O'Neal has crafted a fast-paced and entertaining read with Blood Fest: Chasing Destiny. Imagine accidentally hitting someone, discovering they know about you and were looking to hire you, you accept the job and meet the person destined to be your mate. This is the essence of Chase's story, but there is more. Hidden deep within your mind are the memories you buried of your parents and the traumatic way they were taken from you. Hold on, there's more. Your mother was human. Your dad, not. He was a were-tiger. And now, as your thirtieth birthday approaches, so does your first heat. To add to your problems, were-tigers from around the world have learned of your existence and are on their way to claim you. What can a single, strong-minded, hot-blooded American female do? If it were me I'd say "Whoa." Chase is an independent and able woman. She learns to deal with it all.

Blood Fest: Chasing Destiny was a smooth, well-written paranormal romance. The mystery aspect was easy to figure out but I found the were-tigers and vampire mixes interesting. The main and secondary characters were likable. I thought Chase and Roman fell for each other a little too quickly but they were enjoyable to read about. Fans of this genre may like to read this new addition.

Rating: I liked it.

Book source: I received the ebook as part of a tour for my totally honest review.

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