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BLB: The Chosen Blog Tour

ReaderGirls is the stop today for the BLB Blog Tour for The Chosen by Shennah Freitas. 

The Chosen, the first in a trilogy, is a YA fantasy and here is a blurb: Kaia's entire life has erupted in flames after an assassin appears and burns her village down. She's rescued by a god from another planet who requests her help because she's the descendant of their last savior. Together with Reeze -- the only other survivor from her village and her appointed guardian -- they set off on a quest to find the treasures of the gods in hopes of preventing a dire prophesy. Kaia and Reeze quickly meet the Tueors, a group of people many thought extinct, who are searching specifically for Kaia. Their intention: to protect the truth. As Kaia discovers more about the truth and her family's past, she also learns of the Tueors' bloody secret. Will Kaia be the savior the gods have been waiting for? Or will she let the prophesy come true?

We welcome author Sheenah Freitas. She is sharing an excerpt from Chapter Five:

Kaia leaned down onto the smooth, cool balcony railing and peered below. What appeared to be a royal garden was directly beneath her. Various green plants lined the cobblestone floor. Shiny shells and metals were sprinkled throughout the floor and around the plants turning the garden into a treasure trove. A few benches made of rock and shlls lined the lanes. In themiddle of the garden was a statue, but from her current point, she couldn't make out what it was of. Kaia smiled. No doubt pirates and treasure hunters were searching for troves like the one below her.

A mermaid suddenly entered the garden. Something orange was in the mermaid's long blue hair. Kaia peered closer and was able to make out a star shape in the princess' hair. The princess seemed to be angry about something. She paced thelength of the gardens, stopping only when a merman came by. Even from her point of view way above them, Kaia couldn't mistake Derek's dark blue hair.

Recla tried to move close to him, but Derek backed away. She extended her arms, pleading about something. Kaia tried to lean closer, attempting to hear what they were saying. Their words still couldn't reach her ears. Straightening up, she watched again. Derek ran a hand through his hair and nodded, his shoulder slumped. Recla nodded her head as well and embraced him. He didn't embrace her back, instead gently pushed her away and swam back inside. Recla did nothing but helplessly watched him go.

A hand suddenly came down upon Kaia's left shoulder. She whisked around, her hand immediately grasping for the Tiruv, but grabbing only water instead. Where had she put it? Looking up at the hand's owner, however, she suddenly relaxed. Reeze stood there, expressionless as always.

"Shouldn't you have this with you all the time?" he inquired, holding up the Tiruv.

Kaia blushed and took it. She turned away from him, holding the Tiruv close to her.

"Um, thank you for bringing it to me," she said. She could still feel him standing there, watching her. She shifted her body weight, urging with her mind that he would go. What did he want anyway?

Reeze gazed at her for a moment, studying her face. She hated the X-ray feeling Reeze's gaze had, and was relieved when he finally began to walk away. He suddenly stopped, his hand on the door.

"If this is going to work, you have to trust me." The door opened then closed.

About the author: A neek at heart, Sheenah Freitas has a love for the whimsical and magical. She looks to animated Disney movies and Studio Ghibli films for inspiration because of the innovative twists on fairytales, strong story structures, and character studies. When not writing, you might find her in a forest where she's yet to find any enchanted castles.

Links: Author's website/Goodreads
For more on The Chosen: Goodreads/Kindle/Nook/Smashwords

We thank Sheenah Freitas and Book Lovin' Bitches touring.

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