Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sea Lion Books Hush, Hush Contest

Phew, JULY is a HOT MONTH! AND Sea Lion wants to help heat it up some more with a contest that will make any girl swoon!!! Since we are midway through the month of July, Sea Lion Books is running another contest to celebrate all the awesome comics and graphic novels coming out this year!
The winner of the HUSH HUSH contest will win a signed copy of the Hush Hush Graphic Novel and a hand crafted purse from the Hush Hush Novel created by 2011 Books with Bites! Kim over at 2011 Books with Bites is creating a wonderful work of art that you can carry around with you daily! To see examples of her wonderful creations visit

Now down to the important part! How to enter!!!

1. LIKE Sea Lion Book's Facebook page and post how much you want PATCH to be your guardian angel. If you already liked our page and want to qualify for this contest, still let us know how much you want PATCH to be your guardian angel and then send your friends our way!!!! If you lead your friends to LIKE our page make sure you tell them to say they were referred by you! The more friends you get to LIKE our page the more chances you get to win!!!

2. Another way to enter the contest is to FRIEND Sea Lion books on Good Reads - and leave a comment on how much you want Patch to be your guardian angel. Again if you are already a friend of Sea Lion Books on Good Reads, still post the comment and then start sending your friends our way! Once their friend request has been accepted make sure they let us know you referred them in the comments section and how they want PATCH to be their guardian angel.

REMEMBER - Since we are still running the Storm Born comic contest you will

The contest will run until the end of August 15th or until we reach 1,500 fans. Winner will be chosen using Prizes will be a signed copy of the Graphic Novel and a hand crafted purse from the Hush Hush Novel created by 2011 Books with Bites. Winner will be notified either on Facebook or Goodreads depending on how they entered! They will have 48 hours to respond to the notification with their snail mail address. If they don't respond we will give the price to the second runner up.

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