Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blog Tour de Force: Menage a Blog Giveaway

Welcome everyone! Menage A Blog Giveaway is underway! In honor of Vance, everyone needs to get their FLIRT on. Everyone who comments below will receive a free ebook (free!) from Lacey.  And who doesn't like getting a book for free, especially when it contains a hottie like Vance Magnum in Lacey Weatherford's The Trouble With Spells, the first title in Lacey Weatherford's unforgettable YA series, Of Witches and Warlocks. Vance and Portia are a magical couple and you can watch their romance bloom in the first book. 

Check out Lacey Weatherford's site for all of the giveaway details. Lacey is giving away GOODIES (like a basket of swag and chocolate, all 4 Of Witches and Warlocks books, and an autographed picture of Vance looking a lot like another hottie, actor Matt Lanter) so go comment on her blog. 

Don't forget to say something below and poof! like magic, Vance--leather jacket and all--will be yours for the day (don't forget, his girlfriend Portia is a WITCH and she'll want him back). 

Have fun and thanks for stopping by!

Reader Girls review: 
When girls celebrate their Sweet Sixteen they usually have a huge celebration or go on a special trip to commemorate this milestone in their life. For Portia Mullins her beloved grandmother throws her a party. After her friends have gone home, the teen learns about her true heritage: Portia is a witch. At first she doesn't believe it but her grandmother and father soon show her just how true and real it all is. As she learns to be comfortable with her new abilities, Portia also discovers the guy she likes, the hot bad boy Vance Mangum, is part of her coven. But Vance comes with some baggage and secrets about his past, some very dangerous secrets. Happy Birthday, Portia!

I was glad Weatherford created her main heroine as a normal, down to earth girl with two parents and a loving grandmother. Her magical abilities is something she practices in secret and doesn't show off around her friends. Learning the craft and keeping Vance's dad away were big parts of this story but the really important aspect of The Trouble With Spells is the relationship between Portia and Vance. Vance is older and has not only known about Portia but has been in love with her for two years--and he hasn't said a word out of respect for her age or her family. The blossoming romance between Portia and Vance was so sweet and nicely written. I've read other reviews that have said the couple's romance felt rushed, but I disagree. I know some teens who find their first love is all consuming. They spend a lot of time with their boyfriend and when they're apart they think about them constantly. Love can make us act differently but we'll never know exactly how until we're faced with it. 

For Portia, her relationship with Vance is extremely strong and special--not only are they soul mates, but their attraction for each other displays new abilities, mostly unheard of in their coven. Their way of communicating with each other telepathically linked them in a such a way they could feel each other's emotions and know what the other was feeling. I understood just how deeply connected they were.

The scene between them in the woods during their binding ceremony and at the football field as
Vance teaches Portia how to float were whimsical and romantic. Through Lacey Weatherford's writing, I truly felt for this couple and for their precarious situation with Vance's father trying to locate his son for his own evil purposes. There were times the story slowed but I'll admit, it never bothered me since I had become so sucked into their world. The pacing was fine and reminded me of a roller coaster ride with the bumps and rollicking ascent and then the story took off towards the climatic and surprising ending. The author did a commendable job conveying Portia and Vance both as individuals and as a couple.

After the first book in the series ended I really knew who these people were and wanted to continue learning about and experiencing their lives. Portia was a realistic teen, dealing with a new identity, raging hormones, a best friend with jealousy issues, and a guy to totally swoon over. I enjoyed the twists at the end and found the spin on the parents keeping the special ability a secret from their kid unique.

The Trouble with Spells was a fun, entertaining and thoroughly addicting read. I didn't want to put the book down and look forward to the next title in the series, The Demon Kiss.

Rating: I loved it.

Favorite excerpt: "I was almost to the exit when someone rounded the corner and we collided. I dropped my book bag, scattering the contents everywhere, and I scrambled about in a rush, trying to gather up my things.

"Why don't you watch where you're going?" I said, mostly under my breath, without looking up, feeling completely irritated.

"Hey now, you ran into me," a soft, sultry, male voice returned, and I froze, slowly looking over at the feet in front of me.

My gaze went up over the black laced-up boots covered by tattered Levis, and past the black belt with the silver buckle. I moved to the ever-present tightly stretched t-shirt and onto the leather jacket slung casually over the shoulder, across the pulsating veins in the neck. I paused at the soft, wide-set lips, before looking straight into the piercing blue-eyed stare of Vance Magnum.

I swallowed hard, and my entire vocabulary was suddenly reduced to only one word.

"Sorry." It came out like a whisper, and I wondered if he could even hear it.

Vance slowly squatted down to my eye level. He had a slight smirk on his lips.

"Where were you going in such a hurry?" he asked, picking up one of my books, handing it to me."

Don't you love the bad boys? Or the ones who just look it? Vance fangirl line begins here! Comment below for your FREE ebook. We would like to know if you were granted one wish to FLIRT with one person (famous or not, alive or dead), WHO would you choose? Our choices are Justin Bieber, Wentworth Miller and Gerard Butler. Is it getting steamy in here or what;0 Enjoy!


  1. So can it be my favorite book boy? Cause their the only ones I'm interested in. HeHe

    So I'm thinking Jace Wayland from TMI, Will Herondale from CA or Patch from Hush Hush. Are you sensing a theme here?


  2. Whoaa..I have a lot - both real and fake!
    Ash from the the Iron Fey series, Jensen Ackles anddd...Ian Somerhalder!


  3. Vance is just awesome!! Total fan-girl moment!

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  4. Great question. I'd love to flirt with Jensen Ackles (actor, Supernatural) and Jeremy Renner (actor, The Hurt Locker)


  5. Oh boy oh boy oh boy, if we're allowed book hotties mine would SO be Matthew Farrell from Judith McNaught's Paradise book! And if not, I'd go Robert Pattinson, Brad Pitt, or Gale Harold! HOTNESS!!!

    Thanks for the fun and steamy session!

    reviewsbyabby at gmail dot com

  6. I've got a secret crash on Eric Northman (in the books and on TV). Who doesn't like a tall Scandinavian god? :)))
    Also Henry Fitzroy from Blood Ties? Totally would flirt with him :)


  7. Hot warlocks rock my world!

    Here from Lacey's site, I really aprreciate your review, my vote goes to you, thanks!

    arielkuran at gmail dot com

  8. OMG!! There are so many amazing hot guys out there!! If I had to choose one, just one, it would be Ian Somerhalder from The Vampire Diaries show. He is an amazing actor, so HOT, I love the character he plays, and he is so sweet and funny in interviews! : )

  9. We're so busy fanning ourselves over here with all of your choices! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. MMMMMM - who would I flirt with given the opportunity probably Jason Schuller from the AB series unhuh, yep - he just sounds so cute. I have following this tour around today to support this wonderful author and I thank you for participating. This sounds like an awesome series of books and of course Warlocks Rock My World!


  11. “Hot warlocks rock my world!”
    Love the review.

    Who would I love the chance to flirt with?? GERARD BUTLER, GERARD BUTLER, AND GERARD BUTLER!!!! He is such a HOT SCOT! He's got the most amazing lips and sexiest accent!!! L-uuuu-vv Him!! (Plus he's just a year & a half older than me).

    My cougar flirt would totally be David Cook! I am totally part of Cook's Cougars (he's 11 years younger)!! Once again - amazing lips! I can't help it! I love a guy with wonderfully kissable lips (gorgeous eyes are the other clincher for me). Some women love the muscles and the six pack physique. Me: kissable lips and gorgeous eyes melt me every time!!!

    Can't wait to meet Vance Mangum!
    missyebookmail AT mediacombb DOT net

  12. Short and sweet:
    “Hot warlocks rock my world!”
    marajbrandon AT earthlink DOT net

  13. Wow,

    This is hard for me because I'm so much older than everyone else. I guess I would have to say I would love to flirt with Adrian Paul or Dominic Purcell, or maybe Joe Mangeniello. All three are hot men and they all could play. I say "Hot warlocks rock my world!" and I would say "KISS ME, VANCE!" They could play a smooth talking Vance. Thank you for this time.

    Teresa K.

  14. Bill from True Blood.


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