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Vampire Relationship Guide, Vol. 1 Blog Tour & Sneak Peek Chance

Sorry for the delay. This Blog Tour was scheduled to run yesterday but we had some issues with Blogger. We apologize. 

ReaderGirls welcomes the Vampire Relationship Guide, Vol. 1 Blog Tour today. I was fortunate enough to be able to interview Evelyn LaFont, author of this extremely funny and sexy vampire novella. First, let's offer our readers a summary of the book for those who have not read it yet.

Vampire Relationship Guide, Vol. 1: Meeting and Mating: Josie wants what she's never been able to have--sex with a vampire. When she receives an invitation to a party thrown by one of the world's richest vamps, she doesn't stop to question her luck; she just jumps into her favorite stilettos and heads out to the event of a lifetime, secretly hoping that she'll come home with a party favor in the shape of a sexy coffin dweller.

But the great undead, much to Josie's chagrin, aren't just pale sexbots with pointy teeth waiting to satisfy her carnal desires; they are dangerous--and sometimes cranky. With a single-minded focus on fulfilling her sole sexual longing, Josie unwittingly entrenches herself in the twisted and sometimes antagonistic world of vampire relationships with no one to guide her, but herself.

We welcome Evelyn Lafont.

What was your inspiration for your novel?

My mind has a tendency to wander to the mundane, so as much as I love the paranormal romance genre, I can’t help but ask some of the most mundane questions while I read. That, along with a satirical article about breaking up with a vampire, led to the guide.

Did you always plan to publish as an independent author or did you try the traditional publishing route first? Do you think ebooks and promoting your own titles is the way to go in the future for writers?

Initially, I wasn’t familiar with the self-published fiction movement, so I just assumed I’d go with traditional publishing. Then I started to read about self-pubbing and I realized that this was what I truly wanted—full artistic control. Before I even finished my book I realized I’d be self-pubbing it.

I do not think that this is the wave of the future, however. Self-pubbing is not a good fit for every author just as the traditional publishing model is not. It takes a very specific personality type to embrace self-pubbing. Personally, I think both models can work together to bring fiction into its next phase.

Josie has a wicked sense of humor and she had me laughing out loud so many times throughout the story. Is she based on anyone you know? How did her personality come about?

I’m glad to hear that Laurie! Josie is kind of an amalgam of many different people I’ve known or observed throughout my life. But Josie is often unintentionally funny. By simply being straightforward and non-contrived, she manages a sort of laugh-along-with-me kind of thing.

Her personality came about because I wanted to mix the no-bullshit attitude that comes to many women with age along with the naiveté of the self-involved and uncurious. But in the same way I wanted her to be “average,” I did not want her to be boring, so she’s got a bit of a sardonic edge.

Will we see more of Josie in books to come? Can you give us any hint when Volume 2 will come out?

The next 3 books in the series focus on Josie and her relationships. The next book is scheduled for August 2011.

Considering some comments from fans wanting to read more about Josie in depth, will you consider your next story to be full length or do you prefer the novella form?

One of the great freedoms of self-publishing is that it allows me to finish the story where it needs to finish. I modeled the novellas after the Harlequin Nocturne Bites books, which were about 15,000 words in length. Josie’s books need more than that—so we’re looking at 30K words or so.

I really want my books to become a port in the storm of a busy day. A little release valve that an uber-busy person can fit in and enjoy. I don’t see myself going full length, but you never know.

What authors have and/or continue to inspire you?

Authors in general inspire. That seems like such a cheesy, suck-up answer but honestly, any time someone puts the pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) it’s like a little tiny miracle. In this world where time is precious and dreams are consistently spat on, people who have the courage to create art should all be admired.

What have been some of your favorite books over time and for this year?

First, I am waiting with baited breath for Sookie #11. I’m also excited about the next book in the Chicagoland Vampires series. I really enjoyed the Fever series and I’m still all jacked up about the Casa Dracula series, even though it’s over.

Is there anything you would like to share with your growing fan base about yourself?
I’d like to let them know that if they want to read more short stories, anecdotes and spoilers in-between books, they should check out my website!

About the author: 
Evelyn Lafont is an author and freelance writer with an addiction to Xanax and a predilection for snark. Her debut novella, The Vampire Relationship Guide, Volume 1: Meeting and Mating is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.

Sneak Peek time!

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  1. I love the first book and can't wait for the next one...August...I can't wait that long.

  2. I loved this interview Laurie and Evelyn :) I have to agree that I'm really starting to see the benefits of novellas. I remember thinking that shorter stories drove me nuts but I LOVE being able to read something to its completion in a day, of being able to devour it whole instead of in parts. I love the feeling of finishing and wanting more (hurry up August) I think it's more on the quality of the story and it's ability to draw you in then word count :)

  3. Thanks for posting this. "Traditional" publishers probably wouldn't pick this up because of it's length. I had the same trouble with a 60,000 word cozy mystery. Good for you taking the plunge and self publishing. I did the same thing. I wonder how many fantastic authors hit the slush pile and gave up before we had more options. This sounds like a great read and I'm hearing more and more that readers are looking for shorter reads. Good luck with your tour.