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Guest Post: YA author Kate Bennett and Inevitable

Reader Girls welcomes Kate Bennett, author of Inevitable, her debut Young Adult novel.

Here is a summary of Inevitable: You can’t escape the inevitable….

“It was like he could read me like an open book. His
dedication was almost alarming, but I was undeniably drawn to him. It wasn’t just that he was the most beautiful boy I’d ever seen. Or that his voice could cause my body to melt into a warm puddle of goo. He really got me.”

Carina Lombardi, a vibrant New York University student, can’t shake the feeling that she has known the irresistible—and at times enigmatically intense—Jared Taylor forever. After all, she’s had her eye on him for years. Or has it been months? In a compelling story where time is relative, read how Carina and Jared fall in love, forming a nearly unbreakable bond that will inevitably be challenged over and over again. Will their love prevail or will fate step in the way?

We welcome Kate Bennett.

                             Coming out of the Closet: 
   Yes, I am a Published Author

I don’t know if I can accurately describe the level of anxiety I feel when required to talk about myself as an author. In the right setting, I am not only outgoing, but a bit bold and I’ve been told that I’m fairly humorous. But stick me in the middle of a party where I don’t know anyone and I’m the shyest wallflower in the room, guaranteed. 

Maybe I’m wrong, but my guess is that most writers prefer to express themselves through their pen or a keyboard. At a book signing, there are no pens or keyboards behind which one can hide. Sure, there’s a pen, probably of the felt-tip variety, but it’s simply used to write a personalized message that you must quickly come up with and sign your name. Talk about a moment of near hyperventilation and shaky handwriting! 

My own parents did not know about my desire to become a published author until I had signed the book contract. In fact, my mother refused to fully believe it until I placed my little paperback novel in her hands. So, if I have trouble discussing this with my parents, how can I sell my book to strangers in person? It’s difficult. 

I have a day job and back in February of this year, I announced that my novel would be for sale online. The response that I received was very nice and supportive; even people that I thought would heckle me were quite positive and encouraging. Intellectually, I understand that all of this is good, but emotionally, I still feel terrified when I am cornered in the break room and asked questions like, “How’s everything going with your book,” or from someone that missed February’s memo, “Wait, did you really write a book? Oh my gosh, what’s it about?” 

The aforementioned is just a portion of the source of my anxiety. A larger piece comes from the embarrassment I feel from having my parents, siblings, co-workers and acquaintances read what goes on in my head! My thoughts are supposed to be private and my stories are thoughts that I have. But at the same time, they are just that: stories… fictional stories to be exact. Which means that no, I have not written anything that specifically took place in my life.  

But did the “f” word stop my mother from calling me and telling me that I need to go to confession at church because of what I wrote in the book? No. Did the “f” word stop people at work from saying things like, “I can’t even imagine Kate saying half of this stuff let alone writing it!”? No. 

Did the “f” word stop my friend Ruby from telling people that she’s in the story and that in the story she’s a pot-head? No. 

And for the record, Ruby is not in the story. She is not a pot-head. Her name is in there as a shout-out and nothing more. Also, my mom needs to come to grips with the fact that my characters are actually better behaved that I am in real life! Ha! 

This guest blog spot is getting away from me. I just really wanted to express that for me, it’s difficult to come out of the imaginary closet and tell people that I’m a writer. It’s hard to answer their questions and to do book signings and sell my book. 

In spite of all that, it’s amazing. I love it. I seek approval and accolades like a person stranded in the middle of the desert for days seeks water. 

I cannot say thank you enough to those readers and bloggers that have taken time out of their busy day to write a review of Inevitable online. As a reader, I don’t like to purchase a book unless it has a decent amount of reviews and they’re mostly positive. But, I can try… thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you times infinity! 

Enormous thanks to Laurie, Meghan and Caitlin for allowing me to write this guest spot and for reading Inevitable. Please check out their review! 

Kate Bennett

About the author: Kate Bennett has enjoyed immersing herself in fictional worlds for as long as she can remember and is ecstatic to bring you her first novel, Inevitable. She has traveled to sixteen states, five countries and three continents. Kate lives in Pennsylvania and is currently working on her next book. 

You can read the Prologue and Chapter One of Inevitable at Kate Bennett's website

Inevitable, 266 pages, is published by Amira Rock Publishing and is available for purchase in paperback at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

We thank Kate Bennett and will have our review of Inevitable up soon.

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