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The Trouble With Spells Blog Tour - The Magic of Romance

Today we are delighted to be a part of The Trouble With Spells: The Witches and Warlocks Blog Tour. We have begun reading the first book of this series by Lacey Weatherford and are hooked! We welcome the fabulous Lacey Weatherford.

The Magic of Romance

What is it about romance that has the power to reach out and grab a reader’s heart and leave them sighing in a puddle of delight? Is there a chemistry, a secret formula if you will, that automatically triggers those emotions, sending us into sensory overload?

It would be nice if there were such a formula, waiting for every writer to tap into it and produce a book of perfection, just waiting for readers to fall and swoon over incessantly. (Sign me up for that please!) It doesn’t work that way, unfortunately, but that’s okay because if we didn’t know the bad, we couldn’t adore the good.

As a writer I have learned to write to please myself. Don’t get me wrong, I for sure I want everyone else to like my work, and I hold my breath over every new review that comes in. But in the end, for me anyway, it comes down to whether or not what I wrote had the magic in it for me. Did it make me happy? When I read it will I continue to love it no matter what?

When I started writing Vance and Portia’s story, I knew I wanted it to be heavy on the romance part of it. Romance has always been my greatest love when it comes to reading, or even living my own life. I have long been known as a match maker or an incurable romantic, titles which I love to claim. Some of the great things I love about romance are all of those first little tingles that come with a new relationship. That first look, the little tremor that shoots through the heart right before the pace picks up. The first time hands are held, or the moment when bodies are pulled into a longing embrace, followed by a passionate kiss. I adore all of those special moments of early attraction which softly make their appearance.

In Vance and Portia’s world, while there are definitely little scenes portraying such giddy moments, this story is more about true love being found, even when it wasn’t being looked for. It’s about two teenagers who learn to care for each other so much that they would be willing to risk anything for the other one, no matter the danger. And it’s about sticking together even when they see the walls are falling down around them and they are wondering if they will ever be able to find all the pieces to put it back together again.

These two kids are fortunate enough to find unconditional love for each other, cultivating a relationship that started out based on intense physical attraction and building on it until it is something strong and rare. They recognize that something special is happening between them even in the early stages.

He took both of my hands in his. “Portia, I love you,” he said solemnly, his eyes searching mine, and my heart soared at his verbal declaration of it.
I nodded my head. “I know you do,” I answered, laying my hand on his chest over his heart. “I can feel it.”
“I’ve loved you for a long time. During that time I’ve become very good at reading you and your emotions, so I’m aware of your feelings toward me also,” he stated.
I nodded once again. “You know I love you with every fiber of my being,” I said quietly.
“Yes, I do,” he replied, running his cupped hand down the side of my cheek. “And I can’t stop being awed by it.”

Vance and Portia discover that a love like that can often be all consuming and even over bearing, but they continue to stick together, trying to find the solutions to the problems in their lives by walking the same paths together. The end result for them is a certain kind of trust between the two of them, which they feel in their young hearts is completely unbreakable.

I had a lot of fun writing these two characters and watching how their lives intertwined together to become something filled with passion and longing, something for me which was beautiful and poetic. So while I know every reader may not connect with what I saw in these two characters, many will, and I hope they will find this romance to be completely magical as I did.

About the author: Lacey Weatherford has always had a love of books. She wanted to become a writer after reading her first Nancy Drew novel at the age of eight. She resides in the White Mountains of Arizona , where she lives with her wonderful husband, six beautiful children, and their energetic schnauzer, Sophie. When she's not out supporting one of her kids at their sporting/music events, she spends her time writing, reading, blogging, and reviewing books.
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  1. The biggest thing for me romance in books is the initial sparks whether it be a love/hate attraction at first or love at first sight those sparks get me everytime, find myself rooting for this couple thru all the obstacles.

  2. I love romance books where the "love" scenes read as if they could happen in the home of just about anyone. Please don't get me wrong and take that to mean I don't like the wild, ain't never gonna happen in my lifetime scenes.

    I am so loving this blog hop! I get up every morning looking forward to it. Now it's time to go explore this blog. Have a great day!

  3. I'm a such a sucker for romance. I love the build up - the sweaty palms, butterflies in tummy, goosebumps, uber awareness and of course, the sexual tension. Where every movement they make registers, where they gravitate to each other. Then when the couple finally gets together - swoonworthy goodness. That's what I love about Vance and Portia. They have those sparks and it oozes off the pages. Great post guys!

  4. @BLHmistress I agree with you! Those strong emotions get things rolling!

    @Ladybug I'm so glad you are enjoying the tour! And I like romance that feel realistic as well!

    @Belinda All that build up talk makes me feel positively giddy! Haha

  5. Brilliant post..and there's nothing in here to tease you about Lacey LOL!! Damn! Just kidding!

    Yeah those, tingly butterfly moments are the best. The fact that these two (Vance and Portia) have such an inexplicable trust when it comes to one another so early on in a relationship is amazing..I know how I felt when in a new relationship, you do trust your other half but at the same time you are wary and worried that they are going to run off and find some better, someone more worthy..but I couldn't see that happening to Vance and Portia when I read TTWS!

    Naomi aka Supernatural Bookworm xoxo

  6. Another fantastic post. Can't beat a bit of romance build up x

  7. @Naomi Ha! Don't worry my dear! I'm sure you will find PLENTY to tease me about as the tour goes on! Lol

    @Susan Thanks! Lol It almost sounds like I know what I'm talking about huh? Almost!

  8. That was a great post. I love Romance books, it doesn't matter if it hot right off the bat, or if it tender from the start til the end. I am really enjoying finding all about Vance and Portia!!!


  9. @Judy Thanks Judy! I agree with you! Romance is fun anyway you spin it! :D

  10. Romance makes me happy. You can never have enough of it! :)

  11. @Racheal That's the truth! Thanks for dropping by!:D

  12. Live without romance is like dancing without music. That most be why romantic stories are so easy to fall in love with; we all can relate, for we have it, want it, or are looking for it.

  13. I love romance done right. Just something simple can usually do the trick.

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  14. A good romance is so hard to find, it's a good thing we have a such a good author devoted to helping us out! :) THANKS! SO far I like the work you do keep up your passion! :)

  15. I love a good romance... I used to think I wasn't really a romantic kind of person, but I can't help reading the genre! LOL

  16. Another post that has me wanting to read the books :)