Sunday, January 9, 2011

The 2011 YA Contemporary Challenge

Here's a list of names: Courtney Summers. Jenny Han. Simone Elkeles. Amanda Howells. Jennifer Echols. Nina LaCour. Sarah Dessen. Kody Keplinger. Elizabeth Scott. Lauren Strasnick. Jay Asher. Julia Hoban. Julie Ann Peters. John Green. Gail Giles. April Henry. Stephen Chobosky. 

Yes, they're authors. YA authors. And they have written some of THE best contemporary novels on the market. We know we've missed others and did not mean too. But the purpose of listing these authors is to draw your attention to a new challenge we recently heard of. ReggieWrites at her wonderful blog, The Undercover Book Lover, is running a challenge: The 2011 YA Contemporary Challenge

We agree with what Reggie said in her post about this challenge. We love paranormal, fantasy, and other genres, but contemporary novels have a power the others don't--they can make a place within our hearts or psyches and remain either for a long time or forever. Yes, fantastic books like the Harry Potter series can do that too but they're missing that instant thread, that connection a contemporary book has--what grabs at us, gets under our skin, inside our minds: their realism. 

How many of us knows a DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend)? How many of us may not want to admit we had a lot in common with her? Kody Keplinger's debut touched a chord inside us when we read her book, as did so many of the other authors' works listed above. Jessica Warman's Where the Truth Lies and Cecilia Galante's The Sweetness of Salt were some of the best contemporary titles we read in 2010. Kristina McBride's The Tension of Opposites still resounds in my mind--simply thinking we could know a girl like Noelle or be Tessa. Amazing. Daisy Whitney's The Mockingbirds is being pushed to the top of our TBR pile due to the great reviews we've read. And there are many new titles to be released this year.

We could talk about our favorite contemporaries and which impacted us the most the rest of the day (and probably into the rest of the week). When Reggie contacted us we immediately knew we had to join and post a shout out for it.

(From Reggie's blog:) "What is contemporary? It's the genre wherein the events can happen in real life at the present time. The characters in the novel can be present in real life.

Goal: To read a minimum of thirteen young adult contemporary novels published in 2011.

- All contemporary books must be in the Young Adult genre
- Books have to be published in 2011
- Open to everybody. Please fill in the form to enter.
- You can join whenever you want
- If you want to enter with your blog link, you have to post about the challenge.
- Link your reviews of 2011 Contemporary books in the MisterLinky" (on her site).

Won't you join Reggie's Challenge?

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