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Reader Girls: Where reading is a family affair.
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Picture Books*Middle Grade*Young Adult*
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some non-fiction (esp. writing books)

Welcome! If you're here it means you want know who we are. ReaderGirls is a family of female readers (and we have a younger brother who reads so he's in our profile picture). 
  • There's college sophmore Meghan, who loves fast-paced novels like The Maze Runner and gripping series like her favorite, Lux.
  • Then there is high school junior Caitlin. Caity reads YA. She loves contemporary books like The Fault in Our Stars and dystopian novels like Divergent and more.
  • And lastly, there's Laurie, the third part of our group and she's our mom. She's a BIG reader (guess you can tell what gene she gave us) and YA/NA author. When she's not reading a YA/NA novel, she'll usually be into an adult book (give her a paranormal or fantasy and she's happy) or graphic novel/manga. 
  • Stevie is a fifth grader and is his favorite books are the Wimpy Kid series and anything funny. Also, anything video game oriented like Zelda, Mario and more and Minecraft. 
During the school year, the girls do not read for enjoyment as much as they would like. Meg is carrying a full course load at college and Caity has a lot of homework and dance classes after school. 

All requests for reviews will be handled by Laurie. 

For tour company hosts, traditionally-published authors, independent authors published through small houses/publishers and publicists, 
our email address is: readergirls@gmail.com 

For self-published authors: readergirlsblog@gmail.com.
Because of the volume of requests we receive, we've created a special email address for authors looking for reviews/publicity/etc.

If you would like to have us read and review your book, send us an email with your book's blurb, your relevant author info AND an e-book copy (mobi preferred but we will accept epub and pdf): readergirlsblog@gmail.com

We love to support all authors, especially independent authors, and will try to host a tour stop (hold a contest/run a guest post/etc). If we are going to run a review of your book, we will contact you. Thank you:)

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