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Reader Girls: Where reading is a family affair.
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**Please note: Since Laurie is reading the majority of books, we have had to reduce the number of titles we accept for review.**

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non-fiction (esp. writing books)

Welcome! If you're here it means you want to know who we are. ReaderGirls is a family of female readers (and we have a younger brother who reads so he's in our profile picture). 
  • With both of my daughters in college, the bulk of the blog responsibilities falls to me. I'm Laurie, an avid reader, and YA/NA author. When I'm not reading a YA/NA novel, I'm usually caught up in an adult book (probably paranormal or fantasy, definitely has romance in it) or a graphic novel or manga. 
  • My son, Stephen, is a seventh grader. His favorite books are humorous stories like Nate or Wimpy Kid and some others. Also, anything video game oriented like Zelda, Mario and more and Minecraft. 
All requests for reviews will be handled by Laurie. 


Our email address is: readergirls@gmail.com 

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