Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Book Blogger Holiday Swap 2010

We wanted to post and share something we thought was simply wonderful: the Book Blogger Holiday Swap. On their site they say the swap is "...an annual Secret Santa gift exchange between book bloggers, now in its fourth year! You can read a little more about its history if you click over to the About page." We decided to participate and signed up last month. We soon received an email with our Santee information so we could decide on a great gift. After we did, we sent our information about our package (tracking info) to the Swap crew and that was it! Easy and fun. 

When an unexpected  package arrived at our house, we realized it was from the Swap. Our gift included The Book of the Bizarre (a cool book of information), a gorgeous Celtic bookmark and a very cute desktop aquarium. 

Whomever our Santa was we would like to say THANK YOU! 

And thanks to everyone at the Book Blogger Holiday Swap site for their work. Their motto is: Where book bloggers celebrate the holidays. We agree and plan on joining in again next year. We wanted to pass on our experience to you. So check out their site next year. Who knows who your Santa buddy will be?

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  1. This is such an awesome idea and sounds like so much fun! I'll definitely check out their site next year.