Monday, April 12, 2010

Who's Got Spirit? by Nancy E. Krulik

  • Date: October 2008
  • Page Count: 102
  • Reading Level: Ages 9-12
  • Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks
BOOK DESCRIPTION: It's fall spirit week at Joyce Kilmer Middle School, and the Pops have established their own exclusive "pep squad," complete with matching outfits! Jenny's friends decide to fight back by forming a rival group with their own uniforms. Things heat up even more when a costumed lion mascot appears on the scene. No one knows who's inside--is it a Pop... or not?

MY REVIEW: "Who's Got Spirit?" is book number seven in the popular "How I Survived Middle School" series by Krulik. Being a sixth grader and in my first year of middle school I think it's a great series for kids my age attending MS. The situations in Krulik's story are so realistic and some of the things the characters do remind me of how my own friends act. 

This book was short and sweet. Its Spirit Week (we recently had our own week at my school so I could relate) and the PoPs (the popular kids) have established their own exclusive PoP squad with matching outfts. If you've read any of the other titles in this fun series (like I have), you know Jenny and her friends are always up for a challenge. When a mysterious mascot shows up everyone's trying to figure out who's inside the costume. But you won't get the answer from me. Check out this cool and funny story and I think you'll be hooked on the series like I am! Recommended.

One great added bonus: I love how the book shows you some of the quizzes Jenny and her friends take on their website: 

Cover Comment: I really like the hand drawn pictures on the covers of this series. 

Rating: ++++ (Really Good)

For Fans of: Contemporary Middle Grade stories.

Series: Totally!

Book Source: Purchased at my school's Scholastic Book Fair.

Reviewed by: Caitlin

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