Monday, April 12, 2010

Stirring It Up! by Diane Muldrow; Illustrations by Barbara Pollak

Reading level: Ages 9-12
Paperback: 160 pages
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap (February 1, 2007)

Book Description: To Molly and Amanda, cooking classes with their friends Shawn and Peichi seem like the key ingredient for a super summer. That is, until their arch-nemesis, Natasha, shows up. But when tragedy strikes a local family, the girls decide to put their cooking skills to good use and make some meals for them. The meals hit the spot, plus the girls feel good about helping out. Maybe they can turn their hobby into something more?

My Review: This is the first title in the "Dish" series and I liked it. The story is about twin sisters Molly and Amanda. Home life in Brooklyn, New York is busy, which means dinner is some form of take-out food every night. Since their parents work late the girls decide to take 'matters" into their own hands, quite literally. They take cooking classes. They're happy to find out their friends Shawn and Peichi are in the same class. Everything is great until the nasty Natasha shows up. Can the four friends ever think of Natasha as something but mean?

When the new kid on the block, Justin, suffers a tragedy, the girls figure out they can do something to help his family since their kitchen had a fire. By including Natasha, who the circle of friends see isn't so bad after all, they get together and cook meals for their neighbor. It helps that Amanda thinks Justin is cute. I thought the story was really cute too. It moves quickly and I was flipping pages to see what happens next. Since I like to try and cook I enjoyed their cooking experiences. It's also cool when you finish the story you can cook the same dishes the girls made by following the recipes in the back of the book. The illustrations were nice too.

Cover Comment: Cute picture of a girl holding a pineapple slice.

Rating: +++ (Good)

For fans of: Cooking stories, and eating, too!

Series: Yes.

Book Source: Gift.

Reviewed by: Caitlin

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