Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sixth-Grade Glommers, Norks, and Me by Lisa Papademetriou

  • Date: July 2006
  • Page Count: 217
  • Reading Level: Ages 10-12
BOOK DESCRIPTION: "How many classes do we have together, again?" Tam whispered again nervously as she eyed the school.

"One," I said miserably.

"I guess it's time to start the first day of the rest of our middle school life," Justin said as he slid into the  aisle.

Yeah, I thought as I stood up. Time to join the other wild creatures of the sixth grade.

MY REVIEW: Allie, 11, enters sixth grade and loses her BFF, but she meets new friends. She is witty, funny and bubbly with her definitions for the so-called "strange beasts" she encounters in her new middle school. My favorite word is "norks," a combination of a nerd and a dork. Sixth grade is a year of change, a new building, and new faces, not to mention the possibilities of making new friends. During the year Allie makes new friends and finds her true self.

I really loved Allie's sense of humor which she keeps throughout the book. We hear her hilarious takes on friendships, crushes, and adjusting to her new life as a middle school student.


RATING: ++++1/2

FOR FANS OF: Rissa Bartholomew's Declaration of Independence and others.



BOOK SOURCE: Received this book as a gift.

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